For Parents

The Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies has created a number of different information resources for women and their families.


An online guide to every hospital and birth centre in Queensland.

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Decision Aids

Decision aids are tools that help people become involved in decision making by providing information about the options and outcomes and by clarifying personal values. They are designed to complement, rather than replace, counseling from a health practitioner.

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Parent Information Sheets

The Parent Information Sheets are designed to complement the Queensland Maternity and Neonatal Clinical Guidelines Program that clinicians use to guide their care of women and their babies.

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Baby Bites

These are snippets of information that have been developed to increase the access that parents, and parents-to-be, have to information, both for themselves and to help inform practice change.

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Using a bath or pool in labour

The evidence is clear that water immersion is safe in first stage labour. In fact, it’s associated with a reduced length of first stage labour and less need to use epidural/spinal analgesia.

Currently there is no evidence that supports or rejects its use in second stage (birth) and third stage labour (when the placenta is born).

Access information on water immersion here.

Wise website

Women’s Information Program

The WISE Women Information Program is a free online course created to help women become aware of what good communication can look like when talking with care providers.

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Birthspeak is an online dictionary of word that might be used in your maternity care.

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