Health Professionals

The Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies has created a number of different information resources for health professionals.

Report on Discharge Processes in Queensland Maternity Services

A review of current practices around postnatal transfer of care from Queensland birthing facilities to community-based services.  This report includes a literature review, findings from an online survey, analysis of discharge summaries and recommendations to strengthen and improve on the investment the Queensland Government has already made in postnatal care for the benefit of women, babies and families.

The report can be downloaded here.


Facility Level Reports

The QCMB has produced a number of facility and region-specific reports based on the findings of our 2010 Having a Baby In Queensland Survey. The survey captured the maternity care experiences of more than 7000 women. Part of our commitment to women and Queensland Health is to disseminate the findings at the facility and district level.

Access the Facility Level Reports here.



Sharing Information Professionally Program

A training program to assist maternity care providers to refresh their skills on effective information sharing. The program goes through the WISE Guidelines (Woman-centred, Interprofessional and System supported at Every stage of care) in an interactive way that trains care providers about professional information sharing and helps them inform women about communicating with their care providers.

For more information about the program click here.


An online guide to every hospital and birth centre in Queensland.

Visit Birthplace here.

Parent Information Sheets

The Parent Information Sheets are designed to complement the Queensland Maternity and Neonatal Clinical Guidelines Program that clinicians use to guide their care of women and their babies.

Access our parent information sheets here.


Baby Bites

The Baby Bites were developed to increase the access that parents, and parents-to-be, have to information and to help inform practice change.

Access our Baby Bites here.

Water Immersion in Labour and Birth Report

In May 2012, the QCMB released a report that looked at the research on water immersion in first stage labour, women’s preferences for water immersion and access to facilities with it, and the policies and practice of health professionals across Queensland.

The evidence is clear that water immersion is safe in first stage labour. In fact, it’s associated with a reduced length of first stage labour and less need to use epidural/spinal analgesia.

Currently there is no evidence that supports or rejects its use in second stage (birth) and third stage labour (when the placenta is born). If you’d like to find out more about it, discuss the benefits and risks with your care provider.

The report can be downloaded here.