Private hospital mothers miss out on postnatal support

02 Dec 2013

Post-natal care is failing to meet the needs of Queensland women and their families. And mothers who give birth in private hospitals report being worse off than their public hospital counterparts. University of Queensland research has revealed significant deficiencies in the quality of care women receive after having a baby. Read More


Summit to strengthen birthing in rural and remote Queensland

30 Sep 2013

Mt Isa is holding a unique Rural Birth Summit with the aim of strengthening birth services in the region. Hosted by The University of Queensland’s Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies (QCMB), the summit will bring together parents, doctors, midwives, politicians and bureaucrats to find practical solutions to strengthen maternity… Read More


Pregnant women not being told of their options for maternity care

19 Jul 2013

A Queensland-wide survey has revealed that very few women say they are informed about all available options for maternity care in Queensland when visiting a GP in early pregnancy. Research at The University of Queensland’s Queensland Centre for Mothers and Babies (QCMB) found that a GP is the first care… Read More


Queensland’s most comprehensive guide to birth facilities updated

09 May 2013

An online tool developed by the Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies has been updated, allowing parents-to-be to view profiles of Queensland birth facilities in greater detail. QCMB director Professor Sue Kruske said Birthplace, featured on the Centre’s Having a Baby in Queensland website, was a comprehensive online… Read More


New study shows maternity care confusion

02 May 2013

A new study from The University of Queensland has highlighted the tension doctors and midwives experience when supporting women’s right to decide what happens to them and their babies. The research, from UQ’s Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies (QCMB), found midwives and obstetricians supported the notion that a woman… Read More


Mums giving babies solid foods later, research shows

11 Apr 2013

Australian mums have been given a tick of approval when it comes to choosing the right time to give their babies solid foods. Research at The University of Queensland’s Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies (QCMB) has shown a dramatic decrease in the rate of the early introduction of solids,… Read More


Fat chance of fair treatment for Queensland mums

20 Feb 2013

Queensland mums-to-be who are considered to be overweight or obese are treated and perceived more poorly by maternity care providers because of their body weight, according to a new University of Queensland study. Research conducted by UQ’s Queensland Centre for Mothers and Babies (QCMB) investigated weight stigma in maternity care… Read More


Who makes the decisions in your maternity care?

17 Dec 2012

  Did you know that health providers are required by law to involve you in all decisions regarding your care? You are entitled to: Get a full explanation on all of your different options Know what happens if you choose these different options and Be supported to choose the option that is best… Read More


Differences in caesarean rates: private versus public hospitals

08 Oct 2012

If you give birth in a private hospital in Queensland, you are more likely to have a caesarean birth, regardless of your age, the number of births you have had, your weight, and whether you have had a previous caesarean. You are also more likely to be able to… Read More


Providing feedback or making a complaint about care you receive

20 Sep 2012

Providing both positive and negative feedback about your pregnancy, labour, birth, or after birth care allows care providers to continually improve the way they deliver care. You can provide feedback about anything, including both minor and major issues. If you believe you have received poor care, making a complaint… Read More