Our Projects

This section provides information about our current projects.


Rural Birth Summits

Learn about the Rural Birth Summits here


The Having a Baby in Queensland Survey

Learn about the 2009,2010 and 2012 Surveys here.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Maternity Care Program

Read about the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Survey 2012 here

Rural Maternity Program

Learn about the Rural maternity program here


The Having a Baby in Queensland Website

Visit the site that hosts the Birthplace tool here.


The Having a Baby in Queensland Book

Read about the development and evaluation of the Book here.

Maternity Care Communication and Collaboration Project

Find out about our Model of communication here.


Clinical Guidelines Parent Information Sheets

Access our parent information sheets here.


Evaluating the Universal Postnatal Contact Initiative

Find out this initiative and its evaluation here.


Maternity Consumers Representative Training Program

Find out what this training is and how to access it here.