Rural Birth Summits

The QCMB has hosted a number of Rural Birth Summits around Queensland focusing on strengthening regional and rural maternity services, the most recent of which was held in Townsville on November 13th, 2013.


To network maternity stakeholders in Queensland, showcase innovative models and find practical, workable and effective solutions to support strong and sustainable rural maternity services.


By showcasing innovative and successful rural models. By helping rural maternity services align with the National Maternity Services Plan. By bringing all the stakeholders together including consumers, care providers (primary, secondary and tertiary levels), retrieval services, managers, administrators and policy makers, we can identify strategies, opportunities and actions specific to the local context.

Who’s behind the summits?

The Summits are hosted by the QCMB in partnership with local Hospital Services and their Boards. Other supporters include the Rural and Remote Clinical Network, Statewide Maternity and Neonatal Clinical Network, Nursing and Midwifery Office of Queensland, Rural Doctors Association of Queensland, Maternity Coalition, and Australian College of Midwives (Qld). We are currently seeking the involvement of Aboriginal organisations (QAIHC, AMS), and community organisations (CWA, Qld Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network).

Who’s invited?

Stakeholders from all relevant communities surrounding where the Summits will be held. This is not just restricted to communities with a birthing facility, all communities have childbearing women and we need to consider how best to meet their needs.

Expected outcomes:

At the end of the day each birthing facility to have a documented:

  • Clear vision for their maternity service
  • Action plan with the initial steps laid out for implementation
  • Broad consensus among all stakeholders on the vision and action plan including strategies on how to collaborate and move forward together 

For district management:

  • A clear vision for how maternity services will be provided to meet the needs of local consumers and be strengthened and sustainable
  • Understanding of how they can support the birth facilities to continue on with this work 

For Health Minister, local MPs and members of Health and Hospital Boards:

  • To support continued opportunities for key staff and external stakeholders to focus on finding solutions and working together
  • Increased understanding of how rural maternity services will be strengthened and sustainable now and in the future
  • Identification of their role in facilitating this on-going work.