Sharing Information Professionally Program

Communication breakdown is a constant challenge across all working environments. Unsatisfactory communication and information received is the second most complained about topic to the Health and Quality Complaints Commission by consumers accessing health care (2011). These complaints and enquiries include communication breakdown between care providers, and between care providers and their clients.

The Queensland Maternity Care Guidebook for Sharing Information Professionally

Effective maternity care requires maternity care professionals providing seamless, individually tailored maternity care for women from pregnancy, through to labour and birth, and into the post-birth period. This relies on effective communication, respect, and trust between different carers. The Queensland Maternity Care Guidebook for Sharing Information Professionally was developed to outline what effective communication looks like in maternity care. The Guidebook outlines the WISE Guidelines, as well as the model of communication the guidelines are based on. Tools to implement effective interprofessional communication are also referenced in the Guidebook. You can download a copy of the Guidebook here.

WISE Maternity Care Program

To implement the WISE Guidelines for sharing information professionally into Queensland maternity care, the WISE Maternity Care Program was developed. This program consists of:

The Sharing Information Professionally (SIP) Training Program

An online interprofessional training program developed specifically for maternity care providers around their everyday communication with maternity care providers and with their clients. The program is a scenario-based training program that draws on real experiences and cases, and offers tools and resources to assist maternity care providers to share information in an effective manner with women and with their colleagues.

As well, the Women’s Information Program informs women on what it means to have a “WISE” care provider. The WISE Maternity Care Program can be completed by an individual care provider, or delivered as part of a facility’s professional development for staff.

The program was piloted in early 2012 and improvements were made based on valuable feedback from participants. This includes an additional version of the program suited to private practitioners, coinciding with the version that accommodates for practitioners working in Queensland Health facilities. The program is now in its second pilot stage to test the effectiveness of the updated programs.
If you are interested in being involved in the piloting the program, click here to the see the project page.

The WISE Maternity Care Program is an initiative of the Communication and Collaboration Project at the Queensland Centre for Mothers and Babies.