The Having a Baby in Queensland Book Project

The Having a Baby in Queensland Book provided both information and decision-making support and was a key initiative of the Maternity Services Action Plan 2008-2012. The Book provided pregnant women with access to standardised, evidence-based and objective information related to pregnancy, labour and birth. The Having a Baby in Queensland Book was evaluated with women in Queensland.

Overall, the evalutation found that women responded favourably to the book. Women commented that the book was well researched, easy to understand, well structured and generally a great resource that supported them to make educated decisions about their maternity care. The majority of women also felt that the book answered most of their important questions and that the book should be offered to all pregnant women.

The Having a Baby in Queensland Book was distributed both electronically and in a hard copy format. There were 1300 hard copy versions of the book printed and distributed to pregnant women through their GPs in Queensland as part of a Randomised Controlled Trial to test its effectiveness. Additionally, the electronic version of the book was downloaded a total of 48,445 times (3899 of these downloads viewed the whole book).