The Having a Baby in Queensland Survey Program

The Having a Baby in Queensland Survey Program is one of our main methods of learning about women’s experiences of maternity care.The information we collect through these surveys will be used to ensure that the work we do in the Centre is meaningful and important to women. Feedback from women about their care will also be provided to hospitals and birth centres in Queensland in order to highlight aspects of care that are working well, and improve the things that aren’t working so well. Finally, women’s experiences of care in each birth facility in Queensland will be anonymously shared via the Having a Baby website to support the decision-making of other women in Queensland. 

In order to facilitate improvements in maternity care in Queensland, it is essential to understand women’s needs and preferences and how they are being met by maternity care providers. A key task of the Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies is to monitor women’s experiences of their care during pregnancy, labour and birth and after birth in Queensland. In particular, we are interested in women’s satisfaction with the maternity care they receive and the specific service improvements that can enhance their experience.

Project Leader:
Yvette Miller

Project Team:
Rachel Thompson
Samantha Prosser
Ashleigh Armanasco
Julie Hennegan
Julie Porter