Survey Program- Accessing Survey Data

So, you have a research question/s that you think could be answered using data from the Having a Baby in Queensland Survey Program? Determine what is involved in accessing and using our data by following the following steps.


1. Get Informed.

Familiarise yourself with the Detailed Overview of the Survey Program, the Survey materials and technical reports, Data Access, Analysis and Publication Protocol, and Privacy Protocol.

2. Is your research a good fit?

 Take a look at the survey materials and determine how the data from these could be used to answer your questions. Check that your proposed research does not overlap with research already being done using this data (see Current Approved Analysis), and that the data you want to use are available to access (availability is outlined in Detailed Overview of the Survey Program).

3. Get in touch.

 Contact an appropriate Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies Investigator to discuss your proposed project and establish them as the Liaison person for your proposal.


4. Submit.  

Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) form to:

Formal Search for overlap conducted by the Having a Baby in Queensland Survey Program Data Manager in consultation with QCMB Investigators and Director.


Application Approved

If approved notification will be sent to the Lead Investigator within 2 weeks with MOU and Confidentiality Statement for signing by all collaborators.

This option- continue through next steps.


If further information is required or overlap is found, applicant informed of the specific additional info required or overlap with Current Approved Analysis and invited to submit a revised EOI form.

This option- revisit and resubmit EOI


5. Submit. 

Submit signed documentation (i.e. Memorandum of Understanding and Confidentiality Statement

6. Data files.

Data files provided to Lead Investigator. Project is added to ‘Current Approved Analysis

7. Submit.

In the event that a member of the Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies Core Contributor Group is not a co-author on a publication, authors must provide copies of publications to the Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies Survey Program Data Manager when they are submitted and accepted. An electronic copy of the published paper, report, conference abstract, and/or conference presentation (poster or slides used) should be provided to the QCMB Survey Program Data Manager as they occur.

8. Return.

All data must be removed from computers, and networks on which they were stored and archived in accordance with the Lead Investigator’s research institute guidelines. The data and associated documentation must be returned to the Having a Baby in Queensland Survey Program Data Manager at The University of Queensland. In addition, updated data files that contain new variables derived for the specific analysis in that project, as well as Technical Reports for these new variables, must be provided.