The Having a Baby in Queensland Website

Access to quality, consistent and objective information is critical to ensure women and their families are able to make informed decisions during pregnancy, birth, and the post-birth period. Providing this information to women is a key task of the Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies.

The Having a Baby in Queensland website is our main method of providing quality information to the community. The website includes information and decision-making support tools about pregnancy, labour and birth, and soon after birth. The resources on the Having a Baby in Queensland Website include:

  • Birthplace – Your Guide to Birthing Facilities in Queensland
  • Birthspeak – A dictionary of words used in maternity care
  • Decision Aids – Support for decisions during pregnancy, labour and birth
  • How to Guides
  • A Newborn and Family Drop-In Service Guide

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Project Leader:
Rachel Thompson

Project Team:
Aleena Wojcieszek
Aimée Claire Dane
Samantha Prosser
Cindy Gallois
Yvette Miller
Julie Hennegan