The UPNC project

What is it?

Responding to the relative paucity of postnatal care, identified in the Review of Maternity Services in Queensland (Hirst, 2005), Queensland Health has recently implemented the Universal Postnatal Contact Initiative (UPNC). The UPNC initiative was designed to increase the amount of postnatal contact women receive after being discharged from a public hospital. As part of the initiative, public hospitals across the state have received funding to allow them to ensure that all birthing women receive at least one phone call or visit by a midwife or nurse after returning home.

The Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies is working together with Queensland Health to evaluate the effectiveness of the UPNC initiative. By using data collected as part of the Having a Baby in Queensland 2010 Survey , we are able to evaluate how effectively the initiative is being implemented and how the initiative is influencing women’s satisfaction with their postnatal care. In the coming months we will also be conducting interviews with both birthing women and service providers to further our understanding of how successful the initiative has been, and to determine recommendations for continuing to better postnatal care and support for women in Queensland.


Who Is Doing It?

Project Leaders:
Yvette Miller
Rachel Thompson

Project Team:
Aimée Claire Dane
Maria Zadoroznyj
Wendy Brodribb
Sue Kruske

For further information:

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