Queensland’s most comprehensive guide to birth facilities updated

09 May 2013

An online tool developed by the Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies has been updated, allowing parents-to-be to view profiles of Queensland birth facilities in greater detail.

QCMB director Professor Sue Kruske said Birthplace, featured on the Centre’s Having a Baby in Queensland website, was a comprehensive online directory of 59 birth facilities in Queensland.

“This is the only tool Queensland parents need to really know what to expect from their chosen place of birth and, where possible, to choose the birth facility that best meets their individual needs and preferences,” Professor Kruske said.

“Birthplace provides information about the experiences of other women who have had a baby in each facility, as well as details of policies and procedures shared by the facilities themselves.”

The latest update comes after having included the latest data from the Centre’s Having a Baby in Queensland 2012 survey, run in partnership with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

“Birthplace combines information from the facilities as well as information taken from our Survey, which asks more than 20,000 women about their experiences of their care during pregnancy, labour, birth and after birth.”

Research Fellow Dr Rachel Thompson said Birthplace was developed in response to women’s requests for more information about their options and more transparency in maternity care in general.

“From our early work talking with pregnant women and new mothers, it became clear that the best birthing facility for one woman may not be the best for another,” she said.

“There are still major variations in practice across different hospitals and birth centres in Queensland.

“Facilities differ in the types of care they offer and in their policies and practices.

“Women want this information to help them make the best choices for them.”